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Angela Hinchman



Thanks for stopping by, I’m excited you’re here! Drop me a line with any questions, I’m looking forward to talking with you!

A passionate follower of Jesus on a mission to equip the church through discipleship!



 Follower of Jesus, wife and mom. I have been in ministry in a variety of contexts for twenty years. A YWAMer, who has a BA in Religious Studies, and has attended both Fuller and Western Theological Seminaries. I am on a mission to equip the church! 



Come, Gather at the Table is an eight-week study about what discipleship is and practically looks like, while laying the foundations of the Christian faith, our identity, and calling. If you want to know what being a Christian really looks like, and how to love God and others more then this is the study for you!


I love speaking, preaching, and teaching, and have twenty years of experience to prove it! Looking for someone to come speak at your next event? I would love to talk with you about it!

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